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Change comes from you
Camelia Craciun alias Kam Arts & Happiness

Art means love, devotion and freedom.
For me, creation is a given, for which I must thank God.
It's hard for me to spend even a day without putting my ideas into practice on the canvas.
Preparation is essential and especially awareness and vision of what I want to do.
In everything I do, I try to find myself, me, my self, peace and love.

Thank you to the one who chose at least for the moment to look at my works.
And if you have chosen a work, know that I want it to bring you much joy. Thank you all.

My original abstract painting.
All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of KamArts&Happiness.
All Rights Reserved. It is copyrighted to KamArts&Happiness and, as such, is protected by laws.
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camelia craciun

Camelia Crăciun is an artist who specialized for several years in non-figurative art.

Former student of master Waldemar Mattis Teutsch this performance is quite natural.

But the inventiveness and tireless searches of the artist they brought her to a fascinating realm of imagination plastics.

He always attacks major themes with great sensitivity of human existence.

Gabriel STAN

The joy of painting

The joy of painting is a special state of introspection. When the image is rediscovered in the invisible threads of the soul. There are moments of grace when the unsurpassed charm of the surrounding nature overwhelms you.

"Beauty will save the world," said Dostoevsky. Living without the admiring power of beauty is a great misfortune.
Artists of ancient times have opened their souls and faced the dazzling immensity of the beauty of nature...
Through the ability to be a mirror of the surrounding world, the artist becomes a messenger of universal beauty and wisdom.

The thoughts that accompany the artistic work are sincere and beautiful. Thoughts become inevitable poems.

You cannot catch wings in the joy of the unique moment of the discovery of the "corolla of the wonders of the world" without peace and self-control.

Because as the artist states, we have only one life to live...
And I would add... everyone is free to indulge in the joy of the surrounding beauties according to the inner beauty...
Artists know the way.

Gabriel STAN
Professor Waldemar Mattis Teutsch
Guide Gabriel Stan

PERFUME AND COLOR is the recent exhibition opened between March and April 2022 at the KRONART gallery by the now well-known artist CAMELIA CRĂCIUN ( Kam Arts&Happiness ).

Former student of the master WALDEMAR MATTIS TEUTSH artist and has mastered the stylistic attitude of the Gestaltist nature of her teacher.

The theme chosen this time is a difficult one for any professional.

Solving the plastic equation is happy with the chromatic approach, naturally non-figurative, and man's addiction to perfumes...

This time, the new techniques used and the strength of the approaches place CAMELIA CRĂCIUN in the select gallery of artists who, through their freedom, open new paths in Romanian art.

Gabriel STAN
After a long series of exhibitions, searches and plastic experiences, Camelia Crăciun she delimits her true style with authority and determination.

Camelia Crăciun surprises the viewer with a series of abstract works that can it refers to an inner universe at the ontological beginning.

,, So what? "Is not just an emotional transposition, but it turns out to be be a harmonious plastic amalgam, in which any informed viewer can identify.

An occasion for aesthetic joy, Camelia Crăciun's exhibition is the certificate of authenticity of a true painter.

Gabriel Stan



The persistent presence with distinct personal exhibitions stands out through the non-figurative modality as a sure student of her master WALDEMAR MATTIS TEUTSCH, outstanding artist from Brasov but also of universal contemporary art.

Camelia Crăciun arrived at her thirteenth personal exhibition.

This time he brings to the public thirteen works on the novel theme of thirteen distinct universes.

This time the artist provokes a psychological game between the receiving viewer, which is itself a universe, and the opening of artistic windows to thirteen other different universes.

It remains for this dialogue to continue in the memory of art-loving observers...

Gabriel STAN

Solo Exhibitions

2024 " Solaris", KronArt Gallery / Kyrios Gallery, BV, RO

2023 " Universes", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2022 " Free will", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2022 " Perfume and color", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2021 " So what !", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2020" Forever blue ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2019 " no Words ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2018 " imPossible ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2017 " d'Or ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2017 " Interstellar ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2016 " 1 life 2 live ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2015 " Indigo ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2015 " Wish ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO

2014 " Beginning of the road ", KronArt Gallery, BV, RO


The joy of painting is a special state of introspection. When the image is rediscovered in the invisible threads of the soul. There are moments of grace when the unsurpassed charm of the surrounding nature overwhelms you.
Kam Arts & Happiness